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  1. Anonymous


       i have used insert option.  and done successfully all process and after run display one message . this message successfully load the data but  i want to display target data in salesforce. how to display target data in salesforce when i have insert data using jitterbit data loader.


    1. Thank you for your comment.  Please submit all Data Loader questions to

  2. Anonymous


    I am constantly receiving emails from some guy in your company (probably sales department). And it's really annoying, so I'd like to unsubscribe from any newsletters etc. and remove my account on Jitterbit. But there's small problem: I don't remember a password. I tried to restore it, but I don't remember answer for secret question. Letter with validation code doesn't contain any instructions what I supposed to do if I don't know secret question's answer (probably you should make it more informative for such difficult cases). 

    Letter says

    If you are still having difficulty, please contact Jitterbit Support.

    But you forget to mention how exactly I should do it. I am not able to contact support because I am not able to login. The question is How I can restore my password? 

    1. We apologize for the inconvenience.  To unsubscribe from any Jitterbit mailing list, please send an email to and include the name of your company and the email address to be removed.  For support on Data Loader, please submit all questions to  To contact support for any other Jitterbit products, please go to for instructions.

  3. Anonymous



    What the volume of traffic that Jetterbit can support? Meaning how many transaction per second? What's the limitation (as there is always one)?



    1. API has specific hit allowances based on the License level selected by the customer.  Normal integration transactions are only limited by the number of servers (agents) the customer is using to process. Transaction volume is linearly scalable. If you have one server you can do x transactions per second, if you have 2 servers you can do 2x transactions per second, etc.  Additionally, Jitterbit utilizes Reliable Messaging architecture allowing one to run higher loads of transactions/spikes through a smaller scaled system at a cost of a slightly slower rate. To discuss your specific high volume use case, call Jitterbit at 1.877.852.3500 or email

  4. Anonymous


    Is there any function in Jitterbit scripts for date difference ?

    i need to check if a date is in the last 5 days range.

    1. Hi,

      For examples of similar scripts, please go to Integration Pattern for Change Data Capture Using Timestamp Based Queries.

      Also, the following might be useful:

      $locks = FileList("<TAG>Sources/Locks</TAG>","locks","*");
      cnt = length($locks); i=0;
       $order = Split($locks[i],".");
       $orderno = $order[0];
       $now = (CVTDate(Now(),"yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS","yyyymmddHHMMSS"));
       //set interval for 5 min, 300 sec;
       If(Double($now)-Double($order[1])>$deletelocktime,$del = true;WriteToOperationLog("order lock file to delete"+$orderno);DeleteFiles("<TAG>Sources/Locks</TAG>",$orderno+"*"),
       WriteToOperationLog("Locks: "+$locks+" below time limit")
      This example will be in a future post in our Design Pattern Library as well.
  5. Anonymous

    I have a CSV file in which the comma separated values are between the quotes (Ex: "NAME","","NUMBER","PHONE","FAX","ADDRESS"). When I try to use the BULK PROCESS in the jitterbit dataloader, it is throwing an error. When I tried removing the quotes, the file went through. But, we get files in the similar format everytime. Is there any way we can solve this without manually removing the quotes before the dataload?

    1. We have submitted your Data Loader question to   Please go to and watch for the answer to your question.

      For support on Data Loader, please submit all questions to  To contact support for any other Jitterbit products, please go to for instructions.

  6. Anonymous


    i'm finding it hard to configure the temporary storage for source and target for applying transformations and here are few questions related to that:

    1. How do i find which folder is been referenced in the temp folder of my local machine for the temporary storage in jitterbit?
    2. i'm on a jitterbit harmony trial license. I cant see the administrator console on my jitterbit studio. is it because of the trial license?
    3. is there a way that i could modify the jitterbit.conf ?




    1. 1. By default it is the system temp folder then \jitterbit. It can be overwritten in the Jitterbit config file ( jitterbit.conf). The settings are explained under the [Settings] tag in the config file.  Default install on Windows is  C:\Windows\Temp\jitterbit.

      2. There is no longer an Administrator Console all of the functionality has been moved to the Web Management Console accessed via

      3. You can modify the Jitterbit config file directly. The default install on Windows is C:\Program Files (x86)\Jitterbit Agent\jitterbit.conf

      NOTE: Changing the Jitterbit config or configuration of the temp directory can only be done on a local agent.

  7. Anonymous


    I keep receiving the following error in a newly configured project for web services:

    "Get failed. SSL connect error. Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to".

    I have confirmed the SSL setting ins the Source are correct, what else should I check? 


    1. First, please check these items:
      1. Verify that the private key certificate is valid and has not expired.
      2. You may be trying to connect using a cipher that the site does not support.  To verify, you would have to use tools that are designed to capture this type of information in order to determine what is an acceptable cipher to use.  Also, I believe Jitterbit no longer supports some of the SSL1 ciphers.  
      If these steps do not resolve your issue, please go to Getting Support and follow the instructions to submit a ticket to Support.
  8. Anonymous


    I am trying to use excel as Database and trying Database To Text Option.

    When I click on test connection, It shows success message but when I go further, it shows nothing in Available table list.

    Kindly help me with this.

    I am using 30 days Trial version For Harmony.

  9. Please send an email to outlining the issue you are experiencing with your Trial version of Harmony. The Jitterbit Support Team will help you resolve this issue.

  10. Anonymous

    Well, I was going to register, but I get this error whenI try:

    • Your request cannot be processed at this time. The site administrator has been alerted.
    • The account associated with this portal has no owner

    Now here  is my real issue: I recently upgraded an integration project from 5.6 to Harmony. I have an operation that I can run manually - it runs fine. I have to run it on a schedule though , so I created a schedule and set the schedule on the operation, but it never fires. I tried several setting the schedule at different times, waited, with no effect. The project uses cloud agents. 

    Has anyone else run into this? Is anything that needs to be enabled/configured by Jitterbit on their end?

    Please help.

    Thank you.

    Vladimir Martinov

    1. Thank you for submitting a comment. We have checked with the Jitterbit Support Team and see that your comment has already been resolved.

  11. Anonymous

    I am running a query using Jitterbit that is supposed to return around 2700 rows. The query just sits there without returning. It seems it has hung. The Operation monitor just keeps updating, but the query never returns.

    Please help.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Please go to Getting Support and follow the instructions to submit a ticket to Support.

  12. Anonymous

    Can you help me on this error?

    Failed to connect to database. [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. (SqlState: 08001).

    Studio version:
    Studio platform: Windows 7 - Java 1.8.0_91
    Org: Accenture [ID = 155558]
    Environment: Test [ID = 154058]
    Agent Group: Jitterbit Cloud Agent Group [ID = 1542] [Lowest Agent Version =]
    Project: New Project [GUID = 63a3b418-42f2-45f4-a92d-0d9df2d9866e]
    Timestamp: 2016-08-19 16:48:01.426


    1. We will need additional information in order to help you. Please go to Getting Support and follow the instructions to submit a ticket to Support.  

    2. Customer was using a Jitterbit Cloud Agent, so installed the local agent and then able to connect to his local database.

  13. Anonymous

    I am trying to create some Salesforce Queries using Jitterbit studio.

    The Objects which I plan to use are Case, order, Order Item, Asset.

    But I did not find the cosponsoring objects in JB studio - SF Query builder wizard. 

    1. Anonymous

      If you are looking for object WorkOrder then it will be available in the next version:

      Data Loader v8.13

      Harmony 8.16

      WorkOrder object has been exposed by Salesforce in SFDC API v37 which will be supported in above mentioned Jitterbit version

  14. Anonymous

    I am creating a new FTP Target and was wondering if it is possible to add the current date into the filename.  If so, how?

    1. Yes you can add the date to the filename.  All you need to do is add the [date] variable.


      1. Anonymous

        That helped, but is it possible to set the date format to instead of what it came in as 2016-Sep-2?

        1. Yes it is.  You will need to declare a variable in a script before the target, and use that variable in your target.

          $date=Now();         // 2016-09-02 12:25:25
          $date=CVTDate($date,"yyyy-mm-dd","");       // 2016.09.02

          To add a script to your operation, right click on the yellow dot before target, then click insert script

  15. Anonymous

    Hi Team,

    I am looking for Attachments Migration for one salesforce to other Instance. I am here in feel Jitterbit could be help me to this attachments migration more easily than traditional Data Loader. May be it is right but I am finding difficult to do this. Usually Attachments needs to CSV files where is CSV file we mention in Body column location of the file to be picked as we have downloaded all the files from Source.

    But when I tried Query Attachments for JitterBit I am getting a single with the Encoded content in the Body. Actually I have to change the ParentIds before importing them to the Target Salesforce which I could not able to do as CSV file messed up since it comes in Un understandble format.

    Could some guide me please for effective migration of attachments what should i follow in Jitter bit.

    Thanks in advance for looking at my case. I am glad If I could any help.




    1. To download the attachment from SFDC you can have a script in the transformation mapping and save the file to a location:


      $content = Base64Decode(SFDC_SOURCE_FILE_COLUMN_NAME);

      $fn = SFDC_FILE_NAME;





      To upload the file to Salesforce, it will be reverse and use Base64Encode function:


      $DynamicFileName = Some_File_Name_From_Source;

      $FileContent = ReadFile("<TAG>Sources/ATTACHEMENT_FILE_PATH</TAG>", $DynamicFileName);






  16. Anonymous

    Thanks for the Swift Reply Rakesh. Firstly Its new for me to know we can write scripts in Jitter Bit.  By the way Your example looks like in consideration of single attachment. I am sorry In my case I have to Migrate more than 10K files of course not at once..but in incremental way.




  17. Anonymous

    Hi Rakesh,

    I am sorry may i know where can i write the script. For your information I am Jitter Bit cloud data loader version. Would this has feature to write transformation script, that's great if so may I know please how could navigate to that window.

    I appreciate your support





    1. Please open the operation, go to the Mapping, Double click on the target column and it will open the formula builder where you can write the script.


  18. Anonymous

    Hi Rakesh,

    Its a bit confusing..where would we get Mapping while exporting I mean Querying in Jitter Bit. And one other thing was your srcipt example works dynamic i mean does take source file name from result of SOQL.



  19. Anonymous

    Thanks Rakesk I can see Mapping Editor on Queries as well. Apologies for reply without investigation. Its puzzling really how could i write dynamic transformation script to take attachments and import to other salesforce instance.

  20. Anonymous

    Hi Rakesh,

    Thanks for the active support. I am becoming favourite to this tool. Looks I could very easily migrate the attachments. As you suggested I did import where I have not got any physical copies to my Local directoy but csv file has got path of the Attachment in Body Column.


    Following is the script i have being used


    $content = Base64Decode(root$transaction.response$body$queryResponse$result$records.Attachment$Body$);
    $fn = root$transaction.response$body$queryResponse$result$records.Attachment$Name$;



    I tried to insert same csv with the parentid and owner id modification where I have below script while inserting..

    $DynamicFileName = Body;
    $FileContent = ReadFile("<TAG>Sources/name</TAG>", $DynamicFileName);


    But I recieve error as rewuired fields "Body" missing. Could you please help me looks im also in reach to my target. dreaming i can all attachments so easily

  21. Anonymous

    Cheers. I am craked it. Hurray

  22. Anonymous

    I've almost got SQL Server set up correctly. The connection is successful and when I execute an operation that uses it in Harmony all is well. But in Jitterbit Studio I get this error when I try to load sample source data:

    Failed to load source data for the transformation: Unable to load database source data.
    DSN (password not shown) = 'SERVER=[server_name];DRIVER=SQL Server;DATABASE=[database_name];UID=;PWD=<REMOVED>;'
    Database error: Connecting to database failed. Last reported error: SqlState = 08001 NativeError = 17
    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.
    SQL Connect / SQL Driver Connect

    (DSN = ;Pwd=<REMOVED>;, User = , Driver = , Server = , DbName = , ConnectString = SERVER=[server_name];DRIVER=SQL Server;DATABASE=[database_name];UID=;PWD=<removed>;) [CODE:10084] file: OdbcSource.cpp, line 121 [State: , Native error: 0] [CODE:10148] file: TreeMapperRead.cpp, line 392

    What am I doing wrong? I am "including teh schema/owner in the table names". It didn't work without it either. 

    1. We will need additional information in order to help you. Please go to Getting Support and follow the instructions to submit a ticket to Support.  

  23. Anonymous


    my example works except for the last step. I create a several files and archive them. I have two problems at configuration of my target

    1. I use [date].zip to create my archive. I need another date format than YYYY-Mon-DD.
    2. For files I use [file].txt. The archive will be created and it contains the right files, but names of files are arbitrary and not the same like I created. Where and how can I fix it?
      1. Please create another global variable like ($FileName) in a script in the operation before transformation or before source and set the value of that variable using CVTDate function as per the required date format. And then use that global variable in the target file name like [FileName].zip
      2. Use the similar approach as above to resolve the issue.
        Else we might need to look at the operation. So please send a mail to with questions.
  24. Anonymous

    When using the Diff functions is there a way to include records that failed last time we ran the job without resetting the Diff and reprocessing all records?


    For example, I just ran a upsert to Salesforce that successfully processed 3000+ records, but had 3 failures. I'd like to run the job again for just the three that failed, but when I re-run the process it says that there are no changes in the Diff so there is nothing to do.


    Are failed attempts still logged in the Diff, and therefore not able to be re-run without a change to them in the source?

  25. Anonymous

    1. The diff functions look at the source and not the target so it doesn't know about the failed records.
    2. To capture the failed records please pull up the operation, Right Click on the Operation, Select Options. you will get the Operations Option window. Here select the Write failure records to option and specify your target. 
    3. For future questions on support related items please email to so we can help you more effectively. 
  26. Anonymous

    i am using JitterBit Cloud data loader to get csv file using FTP (from another system) to the Salesforce and then Insert that data into salesforce...but don't know why the data does not inserting successfully..

    Please Help !!

    1. For support issues related to Jitterbit Data Loader, please refer to this area:

      If you would like to learn about the full Harmony solution, please visit:


      Jitterbit Support

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