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Amazon S3 SOAP Signer


The Amazon S3 SOAP Signer plugin inserts a timestamp and signature element in a web service SOAP request made to the Amazon S3 API. It takes as input the user's secret access key, and optionally the name of the web service operation and a logging level.

This plugin can be associated only with private agent groups and is not available on the Jitterbit cloud agent groups.


Plugins provided by Jitterbit are deprecated. See Deprecation and support in Plugins.

Download and add the plugin

The Amazon S3 SOAP Signer plugin must be downloaded at the link provided below and added to the organization (see Add new plugins in Customizations > Plug-ins).

Associate the plugin with an agent group

The Amazon S3 SOAP Signer plugin must be associated with a private agent group to make the plugin available on all agents in the group (see Associate agent groups in Customizations > Plug-ins).

Set variables and use the plugin in a project

Refer to these topics for information about using plugins in a project:

The Amazon S3 SOAP Signer plugin uses these variables:

Name Type Required Description
Amazon.AWS.SecretAccessKey String Required The sender's secret access key.
Amazon.AWS.OperationName String Optional The name of the web service operation, such as PutObjectInline. If this variable is not set, the name of the SOAP body's first child element will be used as the operation name.
Amazon.AWS.LogLevel String Optional Sets the logging level for this plugin. Logging is turned off by default. The value should be a level as defined in java.util.logging.Level. See for details. The plugin log can be found under <JITTERBIT_HOME>/log/plugin/.