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Control Character Replacer


The Control Character Replacer plugin replaces all control characters in input files with a given string.

This plugin can be associated only with Private Agent Groups and is not available on the Jitterbit Cloud Agent Groups.


Plugins provided by Jitterbit are deprecated. See Deprecation and Support in Plugins.

Download and Add the Plugin

The Control Character Replacer plugin is a standard Jitterbit plugin that is already available in the Management Console Plugins page and does not need to be downloaded or added to the organization.

If directed by Jitterbit Support, this plugin can be downloaded at the link provided below and added to the organization (see Add New Plugins in Customizations > Plug-ins).

Associate the Plugin with an Agent Group

The Control Character Replacer plugin must be associated with a Private Agent Group to make the plugin available on all agents in the group (see Associate Agent Groups in Customizations > Plug-ins).

The plugin is listed in the Management Console Plugins page with a display name of Control Character Replacer.

Set Variables and Use the Plugin in a Project

Refer to these topics for information about using plugins in a project:

The Control Character Replacer plugin uses these variables:

Name Type Required Description
Jitterbit.CntrlCharReplacer.Replace String Optional The string to use as replacement for each control character. The default replace string is a single space character.
Jitterbit.CntrlCharReplacer.Encoding String Optional The name of the encoding to use when processing the input files. If an encoding is not provided, the default encoding for the agent is used.
Jitterbit.CntrlCharReplacer.ReplaceExtendedAscii Boolean Optional Controls if extended ASCII characters (>127) should be replaced as well. Extended ASCII characters are replaced by default, so set this variable to false in order to keep them.
Jitterbit.CntrlCharReplacer.Input String Optional Provides the input string if this plugin is run from a script or mapping.
Jitterbit.CntrlCharReplacer.Output String Optional Contains the output string after this plugin has been run from a script or mapping.