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POP3 File Reader


The POP3 File Reader plugin checks for messages on a specified POP3 account, pulls the next unread message, extracts any attached files, and passes them on to the next Jitterbit processing step.

This plugin can be associated only with Private Agent Groups and is not available on the Jitterbit Cloud Agent Groups.


Plugins provided by Jitterbit are deprecated. See Deprecation and Support in Plugins.


The current version of the plugin is 1.0.7. Prior versions of the plugin may also be in use:

  • 1.0.7: Special characters in an attachment name no longer cause errors.
  • 1.0.5: Fixed the variable delete_message and added the variable trust.
  • 1.0.3: Prior version.

Download and Add the Plugin

The POP3 File Reader plugin is a standard Jitterbit plugin that is already available in the Management Console Plugins page and does not need to be downloaded or added to the organization.

If directed by Jitterbit Support, this plugin can be downloaded at the link provided below and added to the organization (see Add New Plugins in Customizations > Plug-ins).

Associate the Plugin with an Agent Group

The POP3 File Reader plugin must be associated with a Private Agent Group to make the plugin available on all agents in the group (see Associate Agent Groups in Customizations > Plug-ins).

The plugin is listed in the Management Console Plugins page with a display name of POP3 File Reader.

Set Variables and Use the Plugin in a Project

Refer to these topics for information about using plugins in a project:

Input Global Variables

These global variables can be set and used as input for the plugin. Variables marked as required must be provided.

Name Type Required Description
host String Required Host name or IP address of the mail server to check. If not using an external mail server, use a value of localhost.
username String Required User ID on the server.
password String Required Password for the username on the server.
port String Optional TCP port for connecting to the server. Normally this is 110 for non-encrypted, or 995 for SSL. Specify a custom value as needed. Default value is 110.
trust String Optional If 1, all hosts will be trusted and certificates will not be checked. This option also forces the use of com.sun.mail.util.MailSSLSocketFactory as the SSLSocketFactory. Available only in versions 1.0.5 and later.
basedir String Optional Location in which to save attachment files. Defaults to the temp directory as reported to Java by the OS at runtime (
attachment_prefix String Optional Prefix this string to the attachment file name. This is needed if you expect collisions in file names.
ssl String Optional If 1, then an encrypted connection will be attempted. Make sure to set the port property appropriately. Default value is 0.
delete_message Boolean Optional If set to true, the fetched email will be marked as deleted. Default value is false. Available only in versions 1.0.5 and later.

Output Global Variables

These global variables are output from the plugin:

Name Type Description
number_of_attachments Integer The number of attachments that were extracted.
subject String The subject of the email that had the attachment.
body String The body of the email.
fileX String The file attachment name, where X is a number from 1 to number_of_attachments.
from String The email address in the From field of the message.
number_of_ccs Integer The number of CC recipients.
ccX String The email address of CC recipient X, where X is a number from 1 to number_of_ccs.