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The Unzip plugin unzips one or more source files.

This plugin is available by default on Jitterbit Cloud Agent Groups and can also be associated with Private Agent Groups.


Plugins provided by Jitterbit are deprecated. See Deprecation and Support in Plugins.

Download and Add the Plugin

The Unzip plugin is a standard Jitterbit plugin that is already available in the Management Console Plugins page and does not need to be downloaded or added to the organization.

If directed by Jitterbit Support, this plugin can be downloaded at the link provided below and added to the organization (see Add New Plugins in Customizations > Plug-ins).

Associate the Plugin with an Agent Group

The Unzip plugin is associated with Jitterbit Cloud Agent Groups by default.

If using a Private Agent Group, before you can use the plugin you must associate it with the Private Agent Group to make the plugin available on all agents in the group (see Associate Agent Groups in Customizations > Plug-ins).

The plugin is listed in the Management Console Plugins page with a display name of Jitterbit Unzip.

Set Variables and Use the Plugin in a Project

Refer to these topics for information about using plugins in a project:

The Unzip plugin uses these variables:

Name Type Required Description
UnZip.TargetDir String Optional If this variable is set, the unzipped files will be written to this local directory.
UnZip.PreserveFileNames Boolean Optional Determines if the filenames of the unzipped files will be preserved. This affects how the target macros [file] and [ext] behave. If set to true, [file] will expand to the base name of the original source and [ext] will be the extension (normally .zip or .gz).
UnZip.GZIP Boolean Optional Flag for assuming GZIP format instead of ZIP when unzipping a file.