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Migrate private agents between operating systems


There may be circumstances where you need to migrate your private agents from a Windows operating system to Linux, or vice-versa. You may need to change physical machines; perhaps to increase capacities or physically move equipment. This document explains strategies you can use to accomplish this.

For example, perhaps you are migrating your Jitterbit Agents from Windows servers to Linux servers. You have already configured a development Linux server and now need to migrate a production server. However, your account only has access to two agents. How can this be accomplished?


There are two ways to do this:

  1. By stopping services on the existing agent and then restarting services on the new agent or machine:
    1. Stop all services on the Windows server.
    2. Install the new agent on the Linux machine.
    3. Point the new agent at the stopped agent group or agent.
    4. This should be performed after normal business hours, unless you don't have anything that is critical and that must be up during normal business hours.
  2. Temporarily increase the number of agents by one for a short period of time; this can be coordinated with your Customer Success Manager (CSM)
    1. Increase the number of provisioned agents by one
    2. Configure production agent using the extra agent
    3. Migrate all services to the new agent
    4. Check that everything is working correctly
    5. Shut down the original agent (using the "drain stop" feature described on Agents > Agents)
    6. Check that everything is still working correctly
    7. Remove the agent from the Management Console
    8. Drop the provisioned agents by one to the original number

The advantages of the first approach is that it is simple and requires no coordination with Jitterbit. However, for a short period of time your production will either be done or impacted by the lower agent count.

The advantages of the second approach is that your agents will be up and provisioned the entire time. However, you will need to coordinate the provisioning and de-provisioning with your CSM.