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Install a Jitterbit Harmony Windows Private Agent


This topic provides system requirements and instructions on downloading, installing, configuring, restarting, upgrading, rolling back, and uninstalling the Private Agent on a Windows system:

  • System Requirements for Windows Private Agents
    System requirements for installing the Harmony Private Agent on a Windows system.
  • Install a Windows Private Agent
    The standard installation instructions for downloading and installing the Harmony Private Agent on Windows.
  • Install a Windows Quiet Agent
    Alternative installation instructions for configuring and running a silent and unattended installation of a Private Agent on Windows systems.
  • Restart a Windows Private Agent
    Instructions on restarting a Windows agent. Restarting agent services is required whenever you have made changes to your agent configuration. It is also a recommended troubleshooting step.
  • Upgrade a Windows Private Agent
    Instructions on upgrading a Windows Private Agent from an earlier Private Agent version to a later one. Rollback instructions are also included.
  • Uninstall a Windows Private Agent
    Recommendations and instructions on uninstalling a Windows Private Agent. Instructions are also provided for a manual uninstall, which is not normally needed.


These pages are related to troubleshooting issues encountered during Windows Private Agent installation:

For additional assistance, contact Jitterbit Support.