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Private Agent Showing Different Versions or IPs


The Agents page in the Management Console may display different versions and/or IPs for a Private Agent. After restarting agent services, the Agents page may initially display the "correct" version/IP and then revert to continually cycle back and forth.


Cause of the Issue

The agent server was likely cloned. The cloned server is running in parallel and collides with the main agent server. You cannot run multiple servers under the same agent credentials.

Steps to Troubleshoot and Resolve

  1. Turn off the main server machine running the official version, wait for 10 minutes, and then refresh the Agents page in the Management Console. If the status of the agent switched from stopped to running, this means there is another instance of the agent running. The agents are either working alternately or simultaneously.

  2. To resolve the issue, it will be necessary to find the instance running under the old version and turn that server off.

  3. If you cannot do that, uninstall the official agent, create a new agent with a different name, and install it on the official server.

  4. Verify the new agent is running, as listed on the Agents page in the Management Console.

  5. Delete the old agent from the Agents page using the Action dropdown > Remove.