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Private agent known issues


This page documents known issues that have been identified with recent versions of Private agents. For known issues that have been identified with other Harmony applications, see Known issues.

Multiple versions of private agents

These issues apply to all recent versions:

  • Windows private agent installation shows a Microsoft Defender SmartScreen warning

    • Summary: When installing a private agent 10.69 or later (for 10.x agents) or 11.8 or later (for 11.x agents) on Windows 2019 or Windows 10, a warning message may appear.

    • Additional Information: The warning message reads "Windows protected your PC" with a note that Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting.

    • Workaround: Within the warning message dialog, click More info to show the option Run anyway. Then click Run anyway to proceed with the agent installation.

  • Windows private agents: Unable to install 64-bit agent with Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)

    • Summary: Installing a 64-bit Windows private agent fails if TFA is active.

    • Additional Information: The installer displays an error dialog.

    • Workaround: Temporarily disable TFA and install the 64-bit Windows private agent. After installation, enable TFA.

  • ODBC connections don't handle extended characters correctly

    • Summary: When connecting to a database using an ODBC driver, some extended characters, such as an en dash, aren't handled properly by operations that upsert data.

    • Additional Information: Upsert operations may fail, or succeed with unintended consequences by affecting the wrong data. Note that Insert and Update operations are unaffected by this issue.

    • Workaround: Use a JDBC driver for the Database connection (see instructions for Design Studio or Cloud Studio).

  • SFTP directories sometimes aren't auto-created

    • Summary: When writing to SFTP as a target using Design Studio or Cloud Studio, the auto-creation of directories works inconsistently.

    • Additional Information: Depending on the particular FTP server involved, the directory may not be created.

    • Workaround: Confirm that the directory has been created before production use.

  • SetSalesforceSession function doesn't work

    • Summary: The Jitterbit Script function SetSalesforceSession doesn't work correctly and shouldn't be used in Design Studio or Cloud Studio.

    • Additional Information: If used, the script may or may not generate an error. Even if the script does not generate an error, the function will not work correctly. As the function doesn't work, the built-in session handling of the Salesforce connector will be used.

  • Private agents have specific system requirements and known issues

    • Summary: The private agents have different and specific system requirements and known issues, depending on the operating system being used.

    • Workaround: See the System requirements for private agents for details.

  • Agent installation fails due to PostgreSQL password including a plus sign (+)

    • Summary: Private agent installation fails if the PostgreSQL password contains a plus sign (+). There is no error message displayed.

    • Additional Information: This is an issue with the private agent installer, not with PostgreSQL.

    • Workaround: Use a password without a plus sign (+). When installation is complete, the password can be changed to any password acceptable for use with PostgreSQL.

11.26 private agents

  • The VerifyJwtClaims function's claims parameter does not default to the correct value when left empty

    • Summary: When using agent version 11.26, leaving the optional claims parameter empty with the VerifyJwtClaims Jitterbit Script function will generate an error.

    • Workaround: Upgrade to agent version 11.27 or later or enter "{}" for claims. For example, VerifyJwtClaims("AxE9qm4aTZiXvA2G8sblAxjeL...", "RS256", "Secret", "{}");.

10.87 / 11.25 and earlier private agents

  • Excessive log entries for the Microsoft Azure ESB connector

    • Summary: When using the Microsoft Azure ESB connector with agent version 10.87 / 11.25 or earlier, an excessive number of INFO logs are generated in a short time period, leading to disk space issues as a result of the size of the catalina.out file.

    • Workaround: An upgrade to agent version 11.26 or later is recommended. As an alternative, this issue can be resolved in agent version 10.87 / 11.25 or earlier by adding the following settings to the logback.xml file located in C:\Program Files\Jitterbit Agent\tomcat\shared\lib (Windows) or /opt/jitterbit/tomcat/shared/lib (Linux):

      <logger name="" level="ERROR"/>
      <logger name="" level="ERROR"/>
      <logger name="" level="ERROR"/>
  • Agent does not return correct data for the NetSuite Search activity

    • Summary: When using agent version 10.87 / 11.25 or earlier and a NetSuite Search activity is using the CustomRecord object and either an Expanded or Advanced search, an extra field called CustomRecord under the searchRow node is returned. As a result, data is not returned and the operation returns a Success with Warning status.

    • Workaround: Upgrade to agent version 11.26 or later.

10.84 / 11.22 and earlier private agents

  • Once-daily schedule skipped during daylight saving time switch

    • Summary: When using agent version 10.84 / 11.22 or earlier, and the agent is using a time zone that observes daylight saving, these known issues occur during a daylight saving time switch:

      • When a once-daily schedule is set between 1 - 2 AM, the scheduled operation will fail to run on the first Sunday of November due to daylight saving time.

      • When a once-daily schedule is set between 2 - 3 AM, the scheduled operation will fail to run on the second Sunday of March due to daylight saving time.

    • Workaround: Upgrade to agent version 10.85 / 11.23 or later or set the agent time zone to UTC by using the Override Schedule Agent Time Zone organization policy and selecting Etc/UTC.

10.45 and earlier private agents

  • Apache Log4j2 JNDI vulnerabilities affect private agents

    • Summary: Apache Log4j2 vulnerabilities CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046 affect private agents that use Cloud Studio connectors built with the Harmony Connector SDK.

    • Mitigation: An emergency maintenance addressed the vulnerabilities. After the maintenance, private agents needed to be restarted and an operation run for each affected connector in order for the update to become effective. For detailed information and instructions, see Mitigate the Apache Log4j2 JNDI vulnerability.

10.38 Linux private agents

  • The PostgreSQL database is reinitialized when upgrading from version 10.37 to 10.38

    • Background: When upgrading a Linux private agent from a pre-10.37 version to a version that is 10.37 or later, the PostgreSQL database will be reinitialized as it is upgraded to version 9.6. This upgrade will recreate the database on your private agent and your data will be recovered during this upgrade process. After the upgrade, any backups created using an earlier PostgreSQL version will not be compatible. The upgrade process can take more than 30 minutes depending on the number of projects and the size of the environments associated with your private agent group. Any pending jobs will be put in a pending queue to be run after the upgrade is complete. This upgrade does not involve the Windows private agent.

    • Known Issue: It is a known issue that when upgrading a Linux private agent from version 10.37 to 10.38, the PostgreSQL database is reinitialized.

    • Workaround: Upgrade to a Linux private agent that is version 10.39 or later.

10.0 private agents

  • The Cloud Studio Cherwell connector doesn't work

    • Summary: As of the 10.1 Harmony release, a change made to the Cherwell connector in Cloud Studio means it is no longer compatible with 10.0 agents.

    • Workaround: If using the Cherwell connector, please upgrade to 10.1 agents or higher.

9.8 private agents

  • Plugins aren't executing

    • Summary: An issue with plugins failing to run resulted in the 9.8 private agent download being pulled shortly after the release.

    • Workaround: If you still have a 9.8 private agent, please upgrade to a later version.