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Jitterbit Harmony API gateways


When an API Manager API is called, connectivity to the API is enabled through an API gateway. API gateways handle the security tasks involved in accepting and processing calls made to an API Manager API.

There are two kinds of API gateway:

  • Cloud API gateways: These are hosted and managed by Jitterbit.

  • Private API gateways: These are installed, hosted, and managed by you. They let you have complete control over your APIs' authorization, routing, rates, and payload storage and processing.

Release schedule and release notes

The release schedule for the API gateway varies depending on the gateway type:

  • The cloud API gateway is updated automatically following the Harmony release schedule.

  • An updated private API gateway installer becomes available from the Downloads page at the conclusion of the Harmony release and Sandbox Cloud Agent Group upgrade.

  • The private API gateway Docker image becomes available at Docker Hub at the conclusion of the North America (NA) region Production Cloud Agent Group release.

In the Harmony release notes, each API gateway type is included as a separate line item in the release dates table at the top of each release notes page. Individual release notes are listed under the API gateway heading, with any relevant applicability to certain gateway types included within the release notes.