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API service URL


Custom APIs, OData services, and proxy APIs created through Harmony API Manager are accessed using an API's service URL. This page describes the parts of an API service URL.

An API's service URL is the URL used to consume the API using the configured authentication method.

The service URL may be called from an application or — if the API supports GET — you can paste the URL into a web browser to consume the API manually.

Format of an API service URL

All API service URLs follow the same format. Proxy APIs may have additional service path parameters:

Custom API or OData service
<Protocol>://<Base URL>/<Environment URL Prefix>/<Version>/<Service Root>
Proxy API
<Protocol>://<Base URL>/<Environment URL Prefix>/<Version>/<Service Root>/<Service Path>

These are typical examples of an API's service URL:

Custom API or OData service
Proxy API{petId}/uploadImage

Parts of an API service URL

Each API's service URL is automatically constructed of these parts:

Part Example Description
Protocol https The protocol is always https.
Base URL

The base URL. The default base URL consists of the Harmony organization name, Harmony organization ID, and Harmony region domain name:

<Harmony Organization Name><Harmony Organization ID>.<Harmony Region Domain Name>

To use a custom domain name as the base URL for your published APIs, you can use one of these methods:

  • Use a third-party tool such as Cloudflare or a DNS proxy to route a custom domain name to the base URL of your API gateway.
  • Use a Jitterbit private API gateway with a custom domain name (use this option if you require a single-tenanted, private API gateway).

Harmony Organization Name JBExample

The name of the Harmony organization.

For trial licenses that were initiated prior to the 10.64 / 11.2 release, the organization name is appended with the word TRIAL. You can contact Jitterbit support to have the word TRIAL removed from the organization's base URL. Note that any existing uses of the service URL will be affected.

Harmony Organization ID 123456 The Harmony organization ID.
Harmony Region Domain Name

The Harmony region domain name of the Harmony organization:

  • APAC:
  • EMEA:
  • NA:

Environment URL Prefix Development The URL Prefix specified in the configuration of the environment where the API is being configured (see the field URL prefix in Environments).
Version 1

The Version specified in the configuration of the custom API, OData service, or proxy API in these steps:

Service Root customerdog

The Service Root specified in the configuration of the custom API, OData service, or proxy API in these steps:

Service Path (proxy API only) pet/{petId}/uploadImage

The Path specified in the configuration of the proxy API in this step: