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App Builder


Jitterbit Harmony App Builder (App Builder) is a web application that lets you build your own custom web applications (web apps) without the need to know a programming language.

App Builder lets you design data models that represent entities in your problem domain and give app users a consistent user interface to interact with those entities. App Builder apps can be customized for multiple languages, color themes, and branding, and provide a clean and simple user interface that runs on desktop and mobile devices.

You access App Builder through the Harmony Portal using the menu or the application tile:

App Builder Apps Page Tiles

Here are some examples of the kinds of apps you can build with App Builder:

  • A contracts approval app for your company's procurement staff, where details are reviewed and approved, and staff are alerted when contracts are nearing their expiry dates.
  • A field operations app for remote service engineers, where customer site visits are recorded along with the products or services involved.
  • A lead tracking app for sales and marketing staff, that integrates with your company's Salesforce installation, and tracks the status of prospects from initial contact to final sale.

App Builder's flexibility in expressing data models and application logic, coupled with its seamless integration with Jitterbit Harmony Cloud Studio and Jitterbit Harmony API Manager, means that the range of possible apps is much wider than these examples suggest.


The documentation for App Builder is divided into these sections: