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App Builder Prerequisites


Before you can build an app, your Jitterbit Harmony account must meet three conditions:

  1. It should be a member of a Harmony organization with a role that provides either Admin permissions or Read and App Developer permissions. (See Permissions.)
  2. Your account's role must allow at least Read access to an environment. (See Access Levels.)
  3. That environment must have an associated app runtime that is either Sandbox or Production. (See Managing Environments.)

The access levels assigned to roles in an environment grant these privileges in the app developer’s UI:

  • Execute or Write: Full access to create, edit, preview, package, and release apps.
  • Read: Read-only access to view pages and settings without saving them.
  • View Logs: No access is provided in App Builder.

User access to the app user's UI for individual apps is managed through an individual app's Employees module.


App Builder is fully functional except for the ability to release (publish) developed apps. To do this, a Jitterbit App Builder license is required. If you don't see the App Builder tile, or need the ability to release developed apps, contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Supported Browsers

As App Builder is accessed through the Harmony Portal, it does not require any additional hardware or software installation. These major browsers are supported:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari (macOS only)