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App Settings


The app settings dialog is where you set or change an app's general settings.

It opens when you create an app from scratch, when you create an app from a template, or when you hover on an app tile and select Settings from the App Management menu on the apps page.

The app settings panel when creating an app from scratch:

Create New App From Scratch


The app settings dialog contains these fields:

  • Name: The app's name. (Maximum 50 characters.)

  • URL: The URL where the app will be deployed. It must be unique on the domain.

    The first part of the URL is pre-filled with a copy of the Name field. When the field is focused, the URL is checked for uniqueness. A green tick at the end of the field means the check has passed. A red cross means the check has failed and the app cannot be saved without changing the URL. In this case, change the app name or the first part of the URL until the uniqueness check passes.

  • Default Integration Environment: The environment set up in Management Console > Environments.

  • Language: The language the app will use. (Currently, English, the only available language, is preselected.)

  • Culture: The language variant. (Currently, en-US, the only available culture, is preselected.)

  • Description: A description for the app. (Maximum 50 characters.)

  • Icon: The symbol representing the app in the apps directory. Click the menu arrow to open a scrollable list, then select an icon by clicking on it. Alternatively, with the list open, you can type the first part of the icon's Font Awesome name to find a specific one.

  • Color: Click a color in the color palette to select the primary color tint for the app.


Choose these field values carefully as they cannot be changed once the app is created:

  • Identifier
  • Integration Environment
  • Language
  • Culture