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Application Logic


An app's application logic is defined on the Microflows and UI Flows build pages.

To open these pages, go to Application Logic > Microflows, or Application Logic > UI Flows.

The Application Logic section of the App Builder navigation menu:

Application Logic menu

Flow Differences

Microflows are triggered by record events or timers, and run asynchronously on the backend with full system privileges. They deal mainly with data, and with connections to external systems. Flow records and parameters can be defined.

UI flows are triggered by UI events, and run for a single user on the client side, blocking the UI while running. They deal mainly with user interactions, and cannot connect with external systems. Flow records and parameters are not available.

This table lists the different actions each flow type can perform:

Action Microflow step UI flow step
Inform current user Notify User Show Message
Send an email Send Email
Make an API call Call API
Update records Set Values Update Record
Find records Find Record Find Record
Create records Create Record Create Record
Delete records Delete Record Delete Record
Process records in a loop Loop Loop
Wait for value change Wait Wait
Refresh data view Refresh Data
Get user input Get User input
Ask user validation Ask User Validation
Calculate a value Calculate
Call an API Manager API Call API Manager
Exit with action Exit With Action
Conditional branch Decide Decide
Call another flow Call Microflow