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Globalization is the interface where you can add a new language to your app and manage your active language choices. The English language is defined by default for all apps.

When the users of the deployed app access the system, they can use the app by choosing one of the active languages defined in the Configuration > Globalization page.

Creating a New Language

In the Globalization page, click the New Language button to create a new language.

New Language

The Add New Language dialog opens:

Add New Language dialog

  • Language: Select from the list of languages to be added.

  • Culture: Select from the list of different cultures related to the selected language. For example en-US for English.

  • Active: Select whether the added language is active or passive. Users can select only from active language definitions.

  • Default Language: When the app is first created, the default language is English. Later, new language definitions created can be selected by default. In this way, users continue to use the system with the default definition language until they change it themselves.