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App User's UI


Once an app is published, users access it through the URL configured during app creation.

When users access an app, they arrive at the app's Dashboard page:

App dashboard

This section describes the standard features that users will encounter when they use an app created with App Builder:

  • Dashboard: A page containing dashboards where views created on modules can be added as charts or widgets.

  • Module Pages: Pages that correspond to modules defined in App Builder where views can be configured. They appear as sections in the app's navigation menu like Profiles, Employees, and Audit Trail as seen in the image above.

    • Views: Views appear as tabs on each module page in the app to allow a module's records to be displayed in different list and report formats.

    • Records: Records can be added, copied, edited, or deleted.

  • Administration: A section in the app's navigation menu that allows users in fully authorized profiles to access and change administrative module settings.