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Email Accounts


The Email Accounts module is one of four administrative modules included in an app's Administration section, which can be accessed only by users part of a fully authorized profile. This module is where Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server account information is set along with any email addresses users are allowed to send from that server in the Senders section. Once configured, email addresses listed in Senders will be selectable in the Email dialogs for module views and in Send Email microflow steps.


The SMTP settings in this administrative module govern module and microflow emails. To configure SMTP settings for app-level emails, go to Configuration > General in the App Builder user interface.

Email Accounts

The Email Accounts section is where a SMTP server and its associated account information can be defined using the following fields:

Property Name Type Validation Description
Host Text Required The hostname of the SMTP server to be used. This should be in a format similar to
Port Number Required The port used to communicate with the SMTP server. This varies from server to server but is typically 25, 465, 587, or 2525.
Username Text Required The username used to authenticate with the SMTP server. This account will likely be your primary email address on the SMTP server.
Password Password Required The password used to authenticate with the SMTP server.
Secure Connection Checkbox Required Used to enable or disable a secure connection (SSL). Enabling this setting is recommended.
Don't Send Notification Email Checkbox Optional Used to enable or disable sending notification emails.


The Senders section is where specific email addresses can be defined for use by users in module views and microflows. At least one sender is required to send these emails, but more than one sender can be defined as needed. Sending an email through a sender will use the SMTP settings defined in the Email Accounts section above.

Adding a new sender by pressing the Add button to the right of the section header opens a dialog with the following fields:

Property Name Type Validation Description
Sender Name Text Required The sender's name. This can be anything including a person's name, a company's name, or any text identifying the email address to follow.
Sender Email Email Required The sender's email address. This address will show up on the from field of the emails sent using this sender.