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Import History


The Import History module is one of four administrative modules included in an app's Administration section, which can be accessed only by users part of a fully authorized profile. This module is where the log records of Microsoft Excel import operations made by users to modules in the system are kept along with the imported files themselves. Additionally, all imported records can be disabled with the Undo button.

Default Fields in the Import History Module

Field Name Field Type Description
Imported By Text The name of the user that performs the import operation.
Module Text The name of the module from which the import is made.
File Name Button The link to the imported file. When this button is clicked, the file is downloaded.
Imported Records Number The number of records imported to the system during the import operation.
Import Date Datetime The date when the import operation was performed.
Undo Button When this button is clicked, the records associated with the import operation are disabled.