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The Notifications module is one of four administrative modules included in the app's Administration section, which can be accessed only by users part of a fully authorized profile. This module is where notification records formed in notification steps of microflows in the app are kept. Each time a notification occurs, the log of the notification that occurs in this module is reflected.

Viewing and Clearing New Notifications

The number of notifications that have not yet been read is shown as a badge on the Notifications icon in the app's header.

When clicked, a Notifications dialog opens that displays the new notifications.

When you clear the notifications, the log records in the Notifications module are not affected.

Default Fields in the Notifications Module

Field Name Field Type Description
Message Text The content of the notification message.
User Text The user information to which the notification was sent.
Module Text The module to which the notification is sent.
Record Text The associated record to which the notification is delivered.
Type Dropdown Notification type, one of Information, Success, Warning, or Danger.
Created At Datetime The date the notification was created.
Status Dropdown The status of the notification, either Read or Unread.
Read At Datetime The time when the notification is read by the user.