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A recipe is a reusable integration template that provides a step-by-step guided experience for non-technical users to execute an integration. Recipes can also be downloaded as Jitterpaks and imported into Design Studio.


Templates are pre-built mappings and workflows for a specific integration need between endpoints. Templates provide a jump start to the integration project so that you don’t have to build everything from scratch. Templates provide the most common field mappings and use cases that most customers need.

Installing the template alone will give you a baseline integration between the two systems, for example, to synchronize Contacts between Salesforce and NetSuite. However, many businesses have custom fields and unique needs that might require some customizations after the template is installed. For example, your business might want to synchronize a custom Contact field (Nickname) between NetSuite and Salesforce. Note that Jitterpaks are not implicitly considered to be templates, and templates are not considered to be recipes.