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Handle Arrays Using Get and Set


This page describes how to handle arrays using the Get and Set functions.

Set an Array

You can set an array using this syntax:


This will create an array variable called varname and append value to it. Note that you can use either a string varname or a global variable named varname. The array can be read in a sorted manner by using SortArray.

When to Use Global Variables

There are scenarios where building global variables dynamically is valuable, leveraging the capability of Set to work with a string as the variable name. For example, you can incorporate the data value into the global variable name and use it later in the workflow, such as when using a condition filter. For example:

soql = "Select purchase_order_number__c from PO_c";
arr = Array();
arr = SFLookupAll(<tag>,soql);
i = 0;
While(i < Length(arr),
Set("po_num_" + arr[i],true);

For use with the above example, the condition filter could be defined as follows:

If(Length(Get("po_num_' + <source_po_value>)) > 0, true, false);

It is true that this could also be accomplished with a dictionary. With smaller datasets, global variables and dictionaries are equivalent. But when dealing with larger datasets, performance will be faster using a specific global variable rather than a dictionary.