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Cloud Studio Reference


This topic includes reference documentation on configuring a Cloud Studio project:

  • Projects
    A project is a collection of one or more workflows that comprise and execute an integration use case.
  • Project Components
    Project components are the discrete building blocks of a project.
  • Workflows
    A workflow is a collection of operations used as a tool for your convenience to help segregate different parts of the project.
  • Operations
    An operation is the smallest unit that is independently executed on an agent and recorded by Harmony. Operations are used to define what an integration should do and when it should be done.
  • Connectors
    Connectors provide the interface for entering user-provided input such as credentials to create an authorized connection. Activities associated with those connections can then be added to operations on the design canvas and configured as sources or targets. An endpoint refers to a specific connection and its activities.
  • Schemas
    Source and target schemas represent the request and response structures for interaction with a data resource in an operation. These schemas can be either defined within the transformation or provided by an adjacent activity.
  • Transformations
    Transformations are used as steps in an operation to map or transform inputs to a resulting output by moving data, cleaning data, or applying business logic. A transformation consists of source and target schemas that have been defined in the transformation and the transformation mapping that generates the output.
  • Scripts
    Scripts provide the flexibility and power to transform data, perform calculations, or perform logic validation beyond simple field mapping. Scripts can be used both as steps of an operation as well as within transformations to apply specified logic or conditions to the data.
  • Functions
    Functions are used within scripts in operations and transformations to enhance and refine data processes.
  • Variables
    Variables are used to allow for the dynamic configuration of endpoints, to support passing of data between operations, and to drive detailed integration logic within transformation scripts.
  • Notifications
    Notifications that send a customized email can be triggered on success or failure of an operation or called from a script.
  • Plugins
    Plugins are Jitterbit- or user-provided applications that extend Harmony's native capabilities. Jitterbit provides a selection of plugins or you can create your own using Jitterbit's Plugin SDK.