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Connector Builder


Connector Builder is a no-code interface for creating custom REST-based connectors that anyone in your organization can then use in Cloud Studio.

Connector Builder is built from the foundation of the generic HTTP connector but provides a connector creator with the means to define endpoint URLs and other parameters that an end user cannot see or change.

Custom connectors provide for greater reusability and are easier to manage and maintain than using a generic HTTP endpoint. In addition, creators can brand the connector and have more control over what end users see during configuration.

The Connector Builder page contains a repository of all accessible custom connectors created with Connector Builder. For details on its user interface, see Connector Builder.

These pages are included in this topic:

  • Connector Builder Prerequisites and FAQ
    This page lists the requirements for Connector Builder creators and end users and provides answers to common questions about Connector Builder.
  • Connector Builder Creation
    This page describes how to create and configure a new connector or edit an existing connector using Connector Builder.
  • Connector Builder Exports and Imports
    You may want to export a Connector Builder connector to use as a local backup or archive, or to share a copy of the connector outside of your organization. Connector Builder exports are in the format of a JSON file. Once you have a JSON connector export, it can be imported into any organization.
  • Connector Builder User Configuration
    After a custom connector is published, members of the Harmony organization where it is published have access to configure and use the connector in Cloud Studio projects. This page describes where an end user can find custom connectors and how to use them.