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Connector Builder prerequisites and FAQ


This page lists the requirements for Connector Builder creators and end users and provides answers to common questions about Connector Builder.


Agent requirements

The minimum Harmony agent version supported with Connector Builder is version 10.0. Both cloud agents and private agents are supported.

User requirements

  • Creators: For connector creation, development experience is not required, as the interface is point-and-click. However, someone who creates a connector with Connector Builder should be a technical user with these qualifications:
    • Has a working- to deep-level knowledge of web services.
    • Is able to read and interpret vendor API documentation.
    • Is able to validate request and response structures prior to providing them during connector creation.
    • Understands the concepts of schemas, metadata, and objects.
    • Has experience using integration tools such as Harmony.
  • End Users: End users of the connector must be a member of the organization where the connector was created. Once published, the connector automatically becomes accessible to end users using the standard Cloud Studio interface.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does it take to build a connector?

A: Depending on your knowledge of the API and its complexity, building a connector can take anywhere from minutes to hours. See Connector Builder creation for instructions.

Q: Who has access to my connector?

A: Before you publish a connector, the connector creator and members of the Harmony organization who have Admin permission can see and edit it through the Connector Builder page. Once the connector is published, all members of the Harmony organization where it is published have access to configure and use the connector in projects.

Q: How are connector updates handled?

A: If you make changes to a connector after it is published, you are warned when re-publishing the connector that it will affect all areas where it is currently being used. Depending on the changes, this may cause some operations to become invalid. We recommend checking each place where the connector is used to validate it is working properly after making changes.

Q: What types of authentication are supported?

A: Currently, anonymous and basic authentication are supported. Additional authentication support will be added in the future.

Q: What will my connector look like?

A: The end result is a connector that looks and functions just like any other connector in Cloud Studio. The connector can be branded with a logo of your choice or you can choose to use the default image. When a user configures the connector, they need to provide some light configuration information, such as credentials. For additional details on what a user sees, see Connector Builder user configuration.

Q: Can I share the connector outside my organization?

A: Yes, you can do this using the Connector Builder export and import functionality. Learn more at Connector Builder exports and imports.

Q: Can I migrate the connector between environments?

A: Connector Builder connectors are automatically available in all of an organization's environments, so there is no need to migrate the connector between them. This means you can also seamlessly migrate a project that uses a Connector Builder connector from one environment to another following the standard process for migrating a project. Learn more at Project migration.

Q: Can I build a connector that is not REST-based?

A: Yes, developers can create almost any type of connector using our Connector SDK. The Connector SDK offers the most control over creating connectors, but requires a developer familiar with standard Java development practices and tools, such as Maven, Docker, Postman, and Git. Connectors built with Connector Builder are limited to those using REST APIs.