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Connecting to data resources outside of Harmony is done through the configuration of connectors.

Connectors provide the interface for creating a connection to an outside data resource. Activities are then created from connections and configured either as a source (to provide data) or as a target (to consume data) in an operation. Together, a specific connection and its activities are referred to as an endpoint.

Before you get started, you may want to review connector basics, including terminology and definitions of connectivity resources, how to add an activity to an operation, and various actions that are available on all activities. Considerations for selecting a REST-based connector are also provided.

Available Connectors

The available connectors are listed below. The superscript P is used to denote connectors that can be used only with Private Agents. All other connectors without this designation can be used with both Cloud Agents and Private Agents.

Generic Connectors

Application Connectors

Custom Connectors


Custom connectors provided by Jitterbit partners are not listed here. Contact the Jitterbit partner for information about using a partner-provided connector.