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Connector Classifications


Connectors are documented individually but can be classified by their use:

Connectors can also be differentiated by how their schemas are defined:

  • Connector-generated Versus User-defined: These terms are used in addition to the classifications listed above to refer to connectors that provide a schema (connector-generated) versus those where you provide the schema yourself (user-defined).

Connector Use

These connector classifications are by the type of use of the connector.


Short-term Storage

Long-term Storage



A beta version of Jitterbit's HTTP v2 (Beta) connector (an application connector) is also available. For more information, see REST-based Connector Considerations.



Application connectors listed above in italics and with an asterisk (such as Active Directory *) can be used only with Private Agents.

In addition, these connectors are application connectors:

Additional application-specific connectors are being added with each new Harmony release and are updated here over time.

Connector Schema Definition

In addition to the above connector classifications by use, connectors can also be referred to based on how their schemas are defined.

Connector-generated Versus User-defined

Connectors can have schemas that are connector-generated or user-defined.

For information about schema caching and refreshing for both connector-generated and user-defined schemas, see Schema Regeneration.


Connector-generated schemas are defined in an activity and are either fixed in the connector or are generated directly from the endpoint. Connector-generated schemas have an automatically generated name that depends on whether the schema is a request or response:

User-Defined Endpoint Name→User-Defined Activity Name→Request
User-Defined Endpoint Name→User-Defined Activity Name→Response

This transformation shows the names of connector-generated schemas being inherited from activities on both its source and target sides:

Depending on the connector, the structure of some connector-generated schemas may be edited by the user, or the structure may dynamically change based on user input provided during activity configuration or based on changes in the endpoint itself.

The names of connector-generated schemas cannot be edited by a user.


A user-defined schema is provided by the user, either by creating a custom schema, by uploading a file or URL, or by manually entering the schema. User-defined schemas can be defined in certain activities or defined in a transformation.

The names of user-defined schemas are based on the name of the provided file or are user-defined.