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Custom connectors


If the out-of-the-box connectors in Cloud Studio do not meet your project's requirements, you can create a custom connector. Custom connectors extend the connectivity capabilities of Cloud Studio, allowing you to connect to and interact with almost any data resource.

Once they are built, custom connectors show up in the Cloud Studio interface just as any other connector, allowing you to first establish a connection and then configure activities associated with that connection as sources or targets in an operation. A specific custom connection and its activities are referred to as a custom endpoint.

Custom connectors can be built using either Connector Builder or the Connector SDK. Refer to documentation on each for creating and configuring custom connectors and endpoints:

  • Connector Builder
    Connector Builder is a user interface that offers point-and-click options for any user to create a custom connector that can be used with both cloud agents and private agents.
  • Connector SDK
    The Connector SDK is a Java library for developers to create custom connectors that can be used with Private agents. The Connector SDK offers the most control over creating connectors, but requires a developer familiar with standard Java development practices and tools, such as Maven, Docker, Postman, and Git. Connector SDK documentation is available on the Jitterbit Developer Portal.


Custom connectors provided by Jitterbit partners are not listed here. Contact the Jitterbit partner for information about using a partner-provided connector.