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Jitterbit Harmony DocuSign Connector


The Jitterbit Harmony DocuSign Connector is accessed from the Connectivity tab of the design component palette:

Connectivity tab

This connector is used to first configure a DocuSign connection, establishing access to an account on the DocuSign server, and then used to configure one or more DocuSign activities associated with that connection as either a source or target within an operation:

  • Get: Retrieves data (such as envelopes, templates, or documents) from a DocuSign connection and is used as a source in an operation.

  • Create: Creates envelopes or templates at a DocuSign connection and is used as a target in an operation.

  • Send: Sends envelopes to recipients through a DocuSign connection and is used as a target in an operation.

The DocuSign connector uses the DocuSign eSignature REST API v2.

The DocuSign connector requires the use of an agent version 10.1 or later.

Together, a specific DocuSign connection and its activities are referred to as a DocuSign endpoint. Once a connection is configured, activities associated with the endpoint are available from the Endpoints filter:

DocuSign endpoint

DocuSign Registration

As the connection will be an application that interfaces with DocuSign, you will need to retrieve credentials from the DocuSign Admin site. See DocuSign Registration for details.