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Google Docs prerequisites


These are the prerequisites for using the Google Docs connector:

Create a service account and grant roles

Follow these steps to create a service account and grant roles to provide access to the Google Cloud project to be used with the Cloud Docs connector:

  1. Select a project in the Google Cloud Console.


    Ensure the Google Docs API is enabled.

  2. In the navigation menu, navigate to IAM & Admin > Service Accounts.

  3. Click Create Service Account, located along the top of the page.

  4. Enter the Service account details:

    Service account details

    • Service account name: Enter any string for the service account name.

    • Service account ID: This field is automatically populated to match the Service account name and can be edited, if desired.

    • Service account description: Enter a description for the service account.

  5. Click Create and Continue.

  6. Assign a role to allow access to the project (required for a successful connection in the Google Docs connector):

    Assign roles

    • Role: Using the menu, select Project > Owner, then click Continue.
  7. Optionally, grant access to the service account to specific users:

    Assign users

  8. Click Done.

Obtain credentials

Follow these steps to obtain the credentials required for connection configuration:

  1. On the Service accounts page, click the Actions menu for the service account created above, then click Manage keys.

  2. Click Add Key > Create new key, select JSON as the Key type, and then click Create to download the JSON file to your computer:

    Create key

  3. Open the downloaded JSON file in a text editor and retain the values of the project_id, client_email, and private_key to be used during connection configuration.