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Jitterbit Harmony Google Docs Registration


As the connection will be an application that interfaces with Google Docs, you will need a Project ID, Client Email, and Private Key to access the Google Docs API. To obtain these, you need to create a service account from your Google account.

Create a Google Account

If you don't have a Google account, you will need to create a Google account.

Enable the API

  1. Log in to the Google account that is to have access to the Google Drive with Google Docs, and go to the Google Docs API.

  2. Enable the Google Docs API for the account by clicking Enable the Google Docs API:

Docs new application

  1. In the resulting dialog, click Download Client Configuration to save the file credentials.json to your downloads directory:

Docs new application

  1. Using the link shown in the previous image, go to the API Console.

  2. Using the Google navigation menu (located in the upper left, to the left of the Google APIs logo), find the Service accounts menu item (under IAM & admin):

Docs new application

  1. Create a service account that will be given access to the Google Drive with Google Docs. Click Create Service Account:

Docs new application

  1. Give the service account a name and a description, and click Create:

Docs new application

  1. Select Owner as a role:

Docs new application

Docs new application

  1. To create the private key required to access the Google Docs, click Create Key:

Docs new application

  1. Specify the key type as JSON and click Create:

Docs new application

Save the downloaded configuration key file in a safe location where you can access it.

  1. Now, share the Google Drive folder with Google Docs using the client_email found in the downloaded configuration key file:

Config Google Drive

!!! note The Google Drive folder with the Google Docs you wish to access must be shared with the Google service account email that is used to create the connection. All the documents accessed by the connection will be in that particular folder. Sharing at least one folder is required. Google Docs outside the shared folder cannot be accessed.

All the credentials that are required will now have been generated and shared. For the Jitterbit Harmony Google Docs Connector, these credentials are required:

  • Google service account project ID
  • Google service account client email
  • Google service account private key string