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HubSpot Prerequisites


To use the HubSpot connector, you must have a HubSpot private app, the appropriate scope permissions, and an access token.


The HubSpot connector does not support HubSpot public apps.


These are the instructions for creating a private app, setting the appropriate scope permissions, and obtaining an access token in HubSpot.

  1. Create a HubSpot private app.

    When configuring scopes for your private app, you must have the read permission enabled for the crm.objects.owners scope. Otherwise, the HubSpot connection won't be successful.

    Depending on the activity, you must set permissions for the scopes associated with the objects you intend to interact with:

    HubSpot Activity Object Scope
    Search Companies crm.objects.companies and crm.schemas.companiesset to read
    Contacts crm.objects.contacts and crm.schemas.contacts set to read
    Deals and set to read
    Line_Items crm.objects.line_items and crm.schemas.line_items set to read
    Products accounting set to request
    Quotes crm.objects.quotes and crm.schemas.quotes set to read
    Tickets tickets set to request
    Create, Update, or Delete Companies crm.objects.companies crm.schemas.companies set to write
    Contacts crm.objects.contacts crm.schemas.contacts set to write
    Deals set to write
    Line_Items crm.objects.line_items crm.schemas.line_items set to write
    Products accounting set to request
    Quotes crm.objects.quotes crm.schemas.quotes set to write
    Tickets tickets set to request

    For example, to interact with the Companies object in the Search activity, these should be the scope permissions set:

    hubspot scopes

  2. Find the private app's access token and retain it for configuring a HubSpot connection.

    For more detailed instructions on creating a private app and obtaining its access token, see HubSpot's documentation on Private Apps.