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Configure Additional JMS Providers

By default, the JMS connector establishes access to the ActiveMQ and IBM MQ JMS providers. This page describes how to establish access to additional JMS providers.


This process requires and can be done only on Private Agents. It has been confirmed to work with the JBoss EAP, Oracle WebLogic, and GlassFish JMS providers. Other JMS providers are expected to work, but have not been tested by Jitterbit.

These JMS providers have an associated Cloud Studio connector:

Add a JMS Provider to a Private Agent

Follow these steps to add a JMS provider to a Private Agent:

  1. Obtain the JAR files for the JMS provider. To obtain the necessary JAR files, refer to the individual JMS provider's documentation.

  2. Add the JAR files to one of these locations, depending on your operating system:

    • Windows: C:\Program Files\Jitterbit Agent\Connectors\JMS\Providers

    • Linux: /opt/jitterbit/Connectors/JMS/Providers

    JAR files from multiple JMS providers are allowed. Any JAR file must be placed in the above directory (not in a sub-folder within the directory) and cannot be compressed.

  3. Restart the agent:

  4. If you are using a Private Agent Group with multiple Private Agents, you must repeat steps 2 and 3 for each agent.

  5. When configuring the connection, select Custom (Private Agent Only) as the JMS Provider.