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NetSuite Prerequisites


Certain prerequisites must be met to use the NetSuite connector, as detailed below.


To configure and use a NetSuite endpoint, these prerequisites must be met:

  • An agent version 11.26 or later is recommended.


    When using agent version 10.87 / 11.25 or earlier and a NetSuite Search activity is using the CustomRecord object and either an Expanded or Advanced search, an extra field called CustomRecord under the searchRow node is returned. As a result, data is not returned and the operation returns a Success with Warning status. This known issue is resolved for agent version 11.26 and later.

  • Token-based authentication (TBA) must be enabled on the NetSuite account using the appropriate permissions role to allow Harmony access to the NetSuite instance. Instructions for enabling TBA are provided under Enable TBA in NetSuite.

  • A NetSuite integration record must be created for Jitterbit. Jitterbit provides a bundle to create the integration record. To install the bundle, follow the steps described in the NetSuite documentation. Search for the bundle using the name Jitterbit BFN Integrations - CRM or the ID 454951.
  • Jitterbit has verified support for up to NetSuite WSDL version 2023.2. NetSuite supports the six latest versions of their WSDL at any time. Therefore, we recommend that the NetSuite instance use one of these WSDL versions:

    • 2024.1
    • 2023.2
    • 2023.1
    • 2022.2
    • 2022.1
    • 2021.2

    Jitterbit has verified prior support for older available WSDL versions 2017.1 through 2021.1, which are no longer supported by NetSuite. Older WSDL versions are listed on the official NetSuite documentation. Even though these versions remain technically available, using any WSDLs more than a year old is a discouraged practice, and we strongly recommend that you upgrade to a supported WSDL version.


    When updating the WSDL in the NetSuite connection, note that simply changing the URL will cause all operations using the connector's activities to fail at runtime, since the transformations still use the old WSDL. To update correctly, follow the steps outlined in Change the WSDL Version.

  • The WSDL URL must be provided in the format of an account-specific WSDL URL. Instructions for obtaining the WSDL URL are provided in Use a NetSuite Account-Specific WSDL URL.

  • NetSuite WSDL 2021.2, 2022.1, 2022.2, 2023.1, 2023.2, and 2024.1 require Harmony Cloud or Private Agents version 10.33 or later.
  • NetSuite WSDL 2020.2 and 2021.1 require Harmony Cloud or Private Agents version 10.26 or later.
  • NetSuite WSDL 2020.1 requires Harmony Cloud or Private Agents version 10.18 or later.
  • NetSuite WSDL 2019.1 and 2019.2 require Harmony Cloud or Private Agents version 10.4 or later.
  • NetSuite WSDLs up to 2018.2 require Harmony Cloud or Private Agents version 9.9 or later.