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NetSuite Saved Search Limits


When using a NetSuite Search activity saved search, if you are trying to search on objects that have more than 1,000 saved searches, it may appear in Cloud Studio as if there are no saved searches available on the object. In this case, the saved search dropdown in Cloud Studio will not be populated with any saved searches. This is due to a NetSuite-imposed 1,000-record limit on API requests.

Confirmation of Limitation

To confirm the issue is with the NetSuite limitation, you can check the SOAP Web Services Usage Log within the NetSuite instance. For an error of this type, the log will have an entry similar to the following:

<platformCore:message>The maximum number ( 1000 ) of records allowed for a READ operation has been exceeded.</platformCore:message>

Workaround to Limitation

As a workaround, it is recommended to clean up NetSuite saved searches that are no longer being used to reduce the number of saved searches to fewer than 1,000. After the number of searches is reduced, you will be able to select a saved search from the dropdown in Cloud Studio.

An alternative to reducing the number of saved searches is to execute the saved search using the SOAP connector, referencing the saved search by ID. Note that this alternative does not make use of the NetSuite connector and may result in issues when migrating environments.