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Salesforce Events (Beta) Prerequisites


This page describes the prerequisites of the Salesforce Events (Beta) connector.


This connector is currently released as a beta version and is available only to select organizations. To participate in the beta program or provide feedback on bugs and enhancements, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

To use the Salesforce Events (Beta) connector, these prerequisites must be met:

Enable Listening Services on the Agent

Listening services are disabled by default and must be enabled manually following these steps:

  1. On the 10.61 or later Private Agent, open in a text editor.

    This file is located in <JITTERBIT_HOME>/Resources/, where <JITTERBIT_HOME> is replaced with the Private Agent root directory.

  2. Add this line to the file to enable the listener framework:

  3. Restart the agent.

Configure a Salesforce Connected App

A Salesforce connected app must be be configured as described below.

To create a new custom app in the Salesforce instance, follow these steps using the Salesforce Lightning UI:

  1. Navigate to Platform Tools > Apps > App Manager.

  2. Click New Connected App in the top right:

    salesforce new connected app annotated

  3. Set up a connected app with a configuration similar to that shown below. Certain fields that are important for use with the Salesforce Events (Beta) connector are identified and described below.

    salesforce new connected app configuration annotated

    • In Basic Information, provide a Connected App Name that does not contain any spaces, such as JitterbitHarmonySalesforceEventsApp. The API Name field will become autopopulated.
    • In API (Enable OAuth Settings), select Enable OAuth Settings. Additional fields become available to configure:
      • Callback URL: Enter
      • Selected OAuth Scopes: Add Full access (full) to the Selected OAuth Scopes.
  4. Click Save and follow the prompt to continue. The Manage Connected Apps screen displays, where you can obtain the consumer key and consumer secret.

Obtain the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret

To obtain the consumer key and consumer secret in an existing app, follow these steps using the Salesforce Lightning UI:

  1. Go to Manage Connected Apps for the existing app.

  2. In API (Enable OAuth Settings), click Manage Consumer Details:

    salesforce new connected app manage consumer details annotated

  3. The Consumer Key and Consumer Secret are displayed. Retain these for use in configuring the Salesforce Events (Beta) connection.

    salesforce new connected app consumer details annotated

Select the Entities That Generate Events

To configure events to be generated, follow these steps using the Salesforce Lightning UI:

  1. Go to Setup. This can be accessed from the gear icon in the top right:

    salesforce setup

  2. Navigate to Platform Tools > Integrations > Change Data Capture.

  3. On the Change Data Capture screen, select the entities (objects) for which you want events to be generated and add them to Selected Entities.

    salesforce events


    When using the Salesforce Events (Beta) connector, if you try to enable events associated with an object that has not been selected here, a permissions error will be returned.