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Salesforce troubleshooting


This topic provides troubleshooting details for overcoming challenges with Salesforce integration projects.

Testing and logging

If you experience issues with the Salesforce connector, these troubleshooting steps are recommended:

  1. Ensure the Salesforce connection is successful by using the Test button in the configuration screen. If the connection is not successful, the error returned may provide an indication as to the problem.

  2. Check the operation logs for any information written during execution of the operation.

  3. Enable operation debug logging (for cloud agents or for private agents) to generate additional log files and data.

  4. If using private agents, you can check the agent logs for more information.

Additional troubleshooting

The pages in this topic provide additional troubleshooting information:

  • Record Limits: Recommendations on enabling chunking if you run into Salesforce API record limits.