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SAP Connector


The Jitterbit Harmony SAP Connector establishes access to either SAP ECC version 6 and above or SAP S/4HANA on-premises.

The SAP connector provides an interface for creating an SAP connection, the foundation used for generating instances of SAP activities. These activities, once configured, interact with SAP through the connection.

The SAP connector is accessed from the design component palette's Connectivity tab (see Connectors in Design Component Palette).

Connector Overview

This connector is used to first configure an SAP connection. Activity types associated with that connection are then used to create instances of activities that are intended to be used as sources (to provide data in an operation) or targets (to consume data in an operation).

Together, a specific SAP connection and its activities are referred to as an SAP endpoint:

SAP activity types

  • BAPI: An SAP BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) activity is a standard interface to business object models (function modules). A BAPI activity executes a function in SAP and is used as a target in an operation.

  • RFC: An SAP RFC (Remote Function Call) activity is a special type of function module used to communicate with remote servers. The RFC activity executes a function in SAP and is used as a target in an operation.


    SAP RFCs that declare tables using CHANGING parameters are not supported. Tables must be declared using TABLES parameters.

  • IDoc: An SAP IDoc (Intermediate Document) activity is configured to use a specific IDoc as a target in an operation. It can be used by an operation to send inbound IDocs (inbound to SAP, outbound from Jitterbit) to an SAP system.


    Outbound IDocs (outbound from SAP, inbound to Jitterbit) are not supported with the Cloud Studio SAP Connector. Outbound IDoc activities require the Jitterbit SAP Event Listener available for Design Studio.


This connector is a Connector SDK-based connector, which may be referred to by Jitterbit when communicating changes made to connectors built with the Connector SDK.

Prerequisites and Supported API Versions

For prerequisites, see SAP Connector Prerequisites.

For information on BAPI, RFC, and IDoc schema fields, refer to the SAP Help Portal or engage with your SAP administrator or SAP consultant.

Known Issues

When configuring any SAP activity, you should be aware of this current known issue: