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Slack prerequisites


These are the prerequisites for using the Slack connector. You first create a Slack app in the selected workspace, and then add scopes to the created app. These steps include instructions for generating a bot token (recommended).


The connection configuration alternatively accepts a user token instead of a bot token.

Create a Slack app

Follow these steps to create a Slack app in the selected workspace:

  1. On the Slack API website, click Create an App and then click From scratch:

    Slack application creation

  2. Provide a name for your app and select a workspace, then click Create App:

    Slack application creation

  3. In the Add features and functionality section, click Incoming Webhooks:

    Slack application creation

  4. Toggle the Activate Incoming Webhooks option to On, then click Add New Webhook to Workspace:

    Slack application creation

  5. From the menu, select the Slack channel where you want to post messages and click Allow:

    Slack application creation


    Approval may be required from someone who manages apps in your workspace. Use the Request to Add New Webhook button to send a request for approval.

  6. In the sidebar's Features section, click OAuth & Permissions.

  7. Under OAuth Tokens for Your Workspace, copy the Bot User OAuth Token, and retain the value (to be used in during connection configuration):

    Slack application creation

Add scopes

Follow these steps to add the required scopes to the created app:

  1. On the OAuth & Permissions page, navigate to the Scopes section and click Add an OAuth Scope under the Bot Token Scopes section:

    Slack scopes

  2. Add the calls:read and chat:write scopes.