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Square registration


As the connection will be an application that interfaces with Square, you will need a Personal Access Token to access the Square server. To obtain a personal access token, you need to create an application at Square as a developer, go to the Square credentials page, and retrieve the Square personal access token. This can be done with a free Square account.

Create application

At the Square website:

  1. Create an application by clicking the plus in the Applications box:

    Square new application

  2. Give your application a name and then click the Create Application button:

    Square new application

    The Applications screen will then be displayed.

    Square new application

  3. Select your application and click Open:

    Square new application

Personal access token

The Personal Access Token will then be displayed in the Sandbox Access Token or Production Access Token text box. Copy it and store it safely where you can retrieve it when configuring the connector:

Square new application