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Functions are available to use in scripts to enhance and refine data processes. Functions can be used with any script type using either Jitterbit Script or JavaScript.

Within the script editor, to show a list of available functions for the selected language, open the Functions tab of the script component palette:

tab functions

To search for a particular function by name, use the search box to enter a keyword or multiple keywords separated by commas. Functions that have any part of any of the keywords in the function name are returned:

functions search

To browse functions by category, click the disclosure triangles right arrow 3 right arrow 3 to expand or collapse the functions under each category. Different categories are available depending on the language.

To reference a quick overview for the function, click the function name in the list to expand details including syntax, what the function is used for, and examples of how to use the function. To collapse the reference information, again click the function name.

functions docs

Function Categories

Functions are documented by category on these pages: