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Plugins are Jitterbit's deprecated method of extending Harmony's native capabilities. The recommended and supported way to extend the Harmony platform is by using the Harmony Connector SDK.


Plugins provided by Jitterbit are deprecated. See Deprecation and Support in Plugins.

Plugins are executed within activities configured as a source or target in an operation, or from within scripts:

  • Activities: Plugins are available to act on configured activities.
  • Scripts: Plugins can be called from scripts using the RunPlugin function.

Jitterbit provides a selection of plugins or you can publish your own plugin.

To create a custom plugin, you use Jitterbit's Plugin SDKs. If you are using a custom plugin, you are responsible for the security of the custom plugin.

For the list of currently available plugins, log in to the Harmony Portal, choose Management Console, then from the menu select Customizations > Plug-ins. For a description of each Jitterbit-provided plugin, see Plugins Available in Harmony.

These pages include information specific to Cloud Studio:

  • Global Variable Initialization
    Plugins can be applied to activities or called from scripts. In either case, all required variables must be initialized in a script before the plugin is run.
  • Plugins Added to an Activity
    Adding a plugin to an activity within an operation is one of two methods for using a plugin. Plugins that are available to use with the specific activity will be listed within the activity configuration screen.
  • Plugins Called in a Script
    Calling a plugin from a script is one of two methods for using a plugin. The plugin must be one that is specifically intended to be executed within a script.

These pages are related to tasks performed outside of Cloud Studio:

  • Plugins
    Documentation on all plugins available in Harmony, including definitions of the required and optional global variables that can be used with a plugin.
  • Customizations > Plug-ins
    Plugins are added and managed from the Plug-ins page of the Management Console. This includes the ability to associate Jitterbit-provided plugins with a Private Agent Group for use with Private Agents.
  • Custom Plugin
    Using Jitterbit's Plugin SDK, you can create and publish your own plugins for use with Private Agents. If you are using a custom plugin, you are responsible for the security of the custom plugin.