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Project components


Project components are the discrete building blocks of a project. Some components, including activities, scripts, and transformations, can be added to operations that are executed as a sequence of steps. Other components can be used in support of those operations, such as variables, schedules, schemas, notifications, and plugins. Operations themselves are also project components.

For information on configuring each component, refer to these pages:

Within the Cloud Studio documentation, details about each project component are covered separately by topic. However, many of the actions you can take on project components are similar in nature. This topic covers commonalities between components and directs you to reference more specific documentation where applicable. These pages are included in this topic:

  • Component Dependencies, Deletion, and Removal
    Viewing dependencies provides a way to see all the components across a project that are dependent on one another. Components that are dependent on another component must have their dependency removed before they can be deleted. Instead of deleting components used as operation steps from a project, you can also remove them from being used in an operation without deleting them.
  • Component Reuse
    Components can be reused either by referencing the same component multiple times, or by creating a copy of an existing component configuration to create a new, independent component.
  • Component Validity
    Components must be valid in order to be deployed. This page covers how to identify invalid components and view the validation errors associated with them, as well as how to resolve validation errors.
  • Component Groups
    Project components can be grouped into custom categories, known as groups, to help organize a project. Project components can belong to multiple groups.