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Transformation Display Modes


There are three display modes for accessing a transformation: mapping, script, and preview mode. Mapping and script modes provide tools for configuring the transformation, while preview mode provides tools for testing the transformation with sample data. In addition, some elements of the user interface are common to all display modes.

These pages are included in this topic:

  • Common Mode Elements
    Shared elements of the display modes include renaming a transformation, adding nodes, viewing save status, entering or accessing preview controls, returning to the workflow, viewing or editing the schema, and filtering or searching for fields.
  • Mapping Mode
    Mapping mode provides an overview of a transformation mapping and the basic tools to perform the mapping. Mapping mode is the default display mode when opening a transformation for configuration.
  • Script Mode
    Script mode provides detailed views of fields and advanced tools for adding scripts to the mapping. Script mode allows you to drill down to the script level of each target field and provides more control over the mapping of each field.
  • Preview Mode
    Preview mode provides an interface for using sample data to test how the transformation will process the data. Preview mode is similar to mapping mode, except that it is read-only and has additional options related to testing the transformation with sample data.