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Project pane


The project pane is the part of the Cloud Studio UI where you can view and manage workflows, project components, and project APIs.

To access the project pane, first open a project. In an open project, the project pane is displayed on the left of the project designer:

project designer project pane annotated pp

Project pane tabs

The project pane contains three tabs: Workflows, Components, and Resources. These tabs are described on the pages included in this topic:

Resize the project pane

To resize the project pane, hover over the gray line between the project pane and the design canvas until a resize cursor appears, and then drag to the left or right:

resize project pane

The project pane will automatically collapse when it is resized to a width smaller than the default width.

To manually collapse or expand the project pane, hover over the project pane and use the expand or collapse buttons located in the top right of the project pane. When collapsed, you can temporarily expand the project pane by hovering near the gray line between the collapsed project pane and the design canvas.

All project pane view preferences are remembered for each user and project.