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Get Started with Data Loader


Jitterbit Data Loader (Data Loader) is a free application that is used to load data into Salesforce via the Salesforce Bulk API. This page provides steps for downloading and installing Data Loader, and videos to get started using Data Loader.


If you have a Harmony subscription, using Data Loader is not required or recommended.

Download and Install Data Loader

To download and install the Data Loader application:

  1. Log in to the Harmony Portal.

  2. Use the menu in the top right to access the Data Loader organization. The Data Loader organization name is the same as the email address you used to log in. Once you have accessed the Data Loader organization, its landing page is displayed:

    Data Loader Harmony Portal

  3. Click Download Now or use the Harmony Portal menu to navigate to Management Console > Downloads and download the appropriate installation file for your system:

    downloads data loader


    May 2024 Update

    Effective as of May 2024 as communicated in the 11.26 Data Loader release notes, Jitterbit no longer intends to distribute a macOS version of Data Loader. The 10.72 version of Data Loader was the last and final macOS version.

    This and prior macOS versions of Data Loader are 32-bit applications, which are incompatible with and will not run on macOS 10.15 Catalina and later.

    You may continue to use this Data Loader version at your own risk. The 10.72 macOS version of Data Loader remains available to download.

  4. Follow the installation instructions to install the Data Loader application.

Data Loader organizations also have access to a limited set of information available on the Management Console Dashboard, Runtime Operations, and Agents > Agents pages.


These videos provide an overview to get started using Data Loader: