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Configure proxy settings


Design Studio can be configured to use a proxy server. The application has a built-in utility that helps with changing proxy settings.


If proxy configuration is required, contact your network administrator or third-party network vendor to request the correct proxy settings if they are not already known.


  1. Launch Design Studio:


  2. Click the Proxy Settings button. The Proxy Settings dialog displays:


    • Host: Enter the address or hostname for the proxy server. For example,

    • Port: Enter the port for the proxy server.

    • User: Enter the username if one is used to access the proxy server.

    • Password: Enter the password if one is used to access your proxy server.

    • NTLM Domain: Enter a NTLM domain name if it is required for the proxy server.

    • Allow unverified certificates used by the proxy: Select to bypass certificate validation.

  3. Click OK to save the proxy settings.


If you are experiencing a long load time (10 minutes or more) while using a proxy, see Disabling Citizen Integrator recipe loading to fix long load times for more information.