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Design Studio Jitterpaks


A Jitterpak (JPK format) contains a snapshot of a Design Studio project at the moment it was saved. These snapshots can be used as examples or samples that you can reference or use as a starting point for a Design Studio project.

This library contains a collection of Jitterpaks that are available to use for reference when creating your own Design Studio projects. See Import a Jitterpak for how to load the Jitterpaks. You can also create your own Jitterpak as described at Export as a Jitterpak.

Citizen Integrator Jitterpaks

These Jitterpaks were exported from Citizen Integrator recipes and are supported as Jitterbit examples. More than 500 Jitterpaks across 40 endpoints are available. Browse all Jitterpaks at Citizen Integrator Jitterpaks or select an endpoint from the list below to view and download the Jitterpaks for the specific endpoint.

To use recipes directly in Citizen Integrator, log in to the Harmony Portal and select Citizen Integrator. Documentation is available under Citizen Integrator.