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Connector wizards

Harmony's wizard-driven connectors allow you to create and connect with enterprise system endpoints to bring in functions and data for use in Jitterbit integrations. You can use native enterprise system query languages (such as BAPI and IDOCs in SAP) to retrieve information and processes. Like other Jitterbit operations, creation of enterprise system functions using Jitterbit connectors is wizard-driven once you create the endpoints.

To access Harmony's connector wizards in Design Studio, expand the Connectors category in the project items panel on the left:


Double-click on a specific endpoint to show endpoints and functions, if available. Once you create the endpoint, the configuration of the complete operation is wizard-driven and specific to the type of data interaction you have selected (e.g. create, update, delete, etc.).

Documentation for each connector wizard is provided in these sections:

Besides the connectors listed above, Jitterbit also offers comprehensive wizards known as Jitterbit connect wizards, accessible under the Jitterbit ConnectTM category in Design Studio:


Finally, Jitterbit offers a wizard-driven package for Salesforce Einstein Analytics (formerly known as Wave Analytics), available in its own category:


Connector recipes

Harmony provides access to Citizen Integrator recipes from directly within Design Studio. While these recipes can also be configured entirely remotely, via the Citizen Integrator interface, access from within Design Studio provides the opportunity for full customization and complete control over the design of projects using recipes.

To access Harmony's connector recipes in Design Studio (versions 9.4.1 and higher), expand the Connectors category in the project items panel on the left:


Double-click on a specific endpoint; it will show a Recipes category, if any are available:


Additional information about using connector recipes in Design Studio is provided under Recipes. Detailed information on each recipe is provided under Citizen Integrator Jitterpaks. Recipes are available for these endpoints:

Connected standards-based protocols

In addition to connector wizards and Citizen Integrator recipes, Jitterbit provides a wide range of standards-based connectors that enable you to integrate applications with common data repositories.

For information on connecting to these protocols, refer to the documentation in the Design Studio section of this site.

Active Directory


  • Any JDBC- or ODBC-compliant database

Record types

  • CSV files
  • Text files

Transport protocols

  • LDAP
  • Web Services: SOAP (WSDL, XSD, DTD), REST
  • Windows File Share (SMB)

File formats

  • XML – Schema (.xsd), Document Type Definition (.dtd)
  • JSON
  • Web Service Definition Language (.wsdl)
  • Simple Flat Files (delimited, CSV)
  • Hierarchical Flat Files
  • Excel Files (.csv, .xls)
  • EDI Documents

Other applications


The Jitterbit team is constantly building connections to new applications; if you don't see your application, contact us.