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Clarizen connector advanced

The following items cover advanced options, tips, and links to other reference materials that may be useful for Clarizen integrations.

Clarizen Query Language (CZQL)

Clarizen Query Language (CZQL) can be used to enter manual query strings in place of using the wizard provided in Clarizen connector query. The general syntax of CZQL is provided below. For further information and examples, see Clarizen's REST API Reference Guide.

CZQL Query Syntax

SELECT field|groupingFunction[ASalias]|(Relation Query)

FROM EntityType

WHERE Condition

GROUP BY groupByFields

ORDER BY orderByFields[ASC|DESC]

LIMIT rows OFFSET startFrom

Bulk API

All activities provided in the Clarizen Connector (Create, Update, Query, Delete) use Clarizen's bulk API by default. Each bulk request is considered by Clarizen to be a single API request. So for example if the request returns 1,000 records, this is considered one request, not 1,000 requests.

Upsert functionality

The Clarizen application does not support a native upsert functionality. As a workaround in Jitterbit, instead you can first set up a Clarizen connector query to pull back all IDs from the Clarizen instance. Then, depending on the results of the query:

For further detail and examples of how to use Jitterbit to upsert data into Clarizen, see Upserting Clarizen data with a chain of operations.

Outbound messaging

Within your Clarizen instance, you can set up workflow rules and custom actions. This is similar to Salesforce Configuring outbound messages with hosted HTTP endpoints and similar steps can be extrapolated for the Clarizen application.

Design patterns

The following design patterns may be useful for Clarizen integrations: